The Truth About Personal Development


And I’m back! I’ve been off the blog radar the past two weeks investing some energy into my personal development and self-care. When I started coaching back in September I had never heard of “personal development”. I had heard of “self-help” books and I was extremely skeptical of what, if any serious value they could have in my life. One of the habits we practice as coaches is dedicating ten minutes a day to personal development, whether that’s an uplifting podcast or an inspiring book. It has grown to be the most precious part of my day where I tap into what is holding me back, what is working, and what changes I can make in my life to reach greater satisfaction and happiness.

Over the past few weeks, I read Jeff Olsen’s The Slight Edge  and so much of what he has written resonated with me. I put down the book feeling so inspired and like I needed to read it again. Actually, I felt like I needed to read it every single day to remind myself of my why. Olsen locates what he terms “the slight edge” in our daily habits that are either working for us or against us. These are habits that seem small, insignificant even, but over time they compound to either help us reach massive success or failure.

He states that “the truth is, everything is curved. There is no true straight line. Everything is always, constantly changing. Including your life. You are on a journey called your life path, and that path is not a straight line, but a curve. As you walk your path, it is always, every moment of every day, curving either upward or downward.”

The slight edge is something I have seen in action in my own life that has worked both for and against me in the past. I’ve seen how implementing small positive actions into my daily life has completely transformed my health, happiness, success, and personal relationships. I’ve also unfortunately witnessed how poor habits and defeated attitudes have caused my friends and family to spiral into unfortunate situations. The ideas and concepts of the slight edge were something that I recognized several months ago, but reading the Slight Edge gave me such clarity about how it actually works.

If you’ve ever struggled with commitment and motivation (we all have, let’s be honest) this book will shift the way you look at your life. One of Olsen’s biggest recommendations for using the slight edge is actually reading a good book for ten minutes a day. By ‘good book’ he doesn’t mean something just to pass the time or entertain you, he means a book that is adding VALUE and inspiration to your life.

The truth about personal development is that ten minutes a day CAN and WILL impact your attitude, behaviour, and life. Here is how:

The right book will light you up! Reading fiction can be fun, but why not read something that can be applicable to your life and makes you feel inspired?

Creating space for just ten minutes a day that is dedicated solely to yourself is amazing for your mental health. We all need time to ourselves. ALONE time= sanity (right?)

You are forming a habit. When we form good habits they often end up replacing bad habits and over time, as Olsen elaborates, this compounds into amazing results. For instance, I used to spend my mornings in bed reading through my emails, scrolling social media, and dreading getting out of bed. Now I’ve replaced that with ten minutes of personal development and a half hour workout. Starting my day with positivity, productivity, and inspiration keeps me motivated all day long.

Lastly, you will learn so much about yourself. It’s called personal development for a reason. How well do you really know yourself? Are you in touch with what lights you up and sets you on fire? Can you visualize where you want to be in five years? Do you have the tools to actually get there?

I can’t talk enough about how important personal development is for reaching goals, whatever your ambitions might be but I will leave you with one last quote.

“You are either going for your dreams or giving up on your dreams. Stretching for what you could be or settling for what you are. There is simply no in-between.” -Jeff Olsen

The choice is always yours.


Let me know in the comments below what books you’re reading and if you found this post helpful!

Xo. Kelsey




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