How I went from being a night owl to a morning person


For a long time, I truly believed I had a sleep disorder. I would be up until 3 am unable to fall asleep and then in the mornings I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I bounced back and forth between being sleep deprived to oversleeping. It wasn’t until I took control of my health that I started learning about all of the little mistakes I was making that were affecting my sleep health. Here are the five most important changes I made to get a better sleep and make my mornings easier!

I started working out daily

Naturally, our bodies need sleep to recover from and fuel our workouts. Once I incorporated fitness into my daily routine I noticed a huge difference. My body was tired at the end of the day and ready for bed.

I set my alarm for the same time every day

This was a game changer! I used to set my alarm for different times every day depending on my class or work schedule. Needless to say, this completely messes with your internal clock. When you establish a sleep routine, your body will naturally wake itself up at the same time every day. So now even on the weekends or days off my alarm is still set for 8:30 am.

I keep a journal

One of the things that used to keep me up at night was anxiety. I would lay awake at two in the morning worrying about the hundred things I needed to get done that week. Now I spend a bit of time on the weekends planning my whole week out so I know exactly how I’m going to accomplish everything. And I journal daily or every other day about the things that I’m grateful for in my life. This doesn’t have to take long, even just five minutes to jot down three things that brought me joy that day completely changes my mindset.

I turn off my laptop at least an hour before bed

Studies show that having electronics in bed can be super detrimental to our sleep patterns. So even though I love watching Netflix in my bed late at night, I make sure that I turn it off about an hour before I need to sleep so my body and brain have time to wind down. Same goes for cellphones! I’m still working on this one, I’ll admit. It can be hard to ignore our phones when we hear them go off, so I’ve started silencing mine in the evenings.

I started a morning ritual

I used to frequently skip breakfast and spend an hour rolling around my bed before I would finally drag myself out to get ready for my day. I realized that I needed to find a way to get excited in the morning for the day ahead! So I developed a ritual. It helps to have little things to look forward to in the morning, whether it’s your fresh brewed cup of coffee or reading the newspaper, whatever brings you joy. Typically, I start my day with a superfood smoothie and a workout. Then I turn on an upbeat playlist while I make breakfast and tea before sitting down to ten minutes of personal development reading.

Try these tips out and let me know in the comments if they worked for you too!



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